Where’s my SvcTraceViewer.exe?

I decided to move into the brave new world of Windows Server 2008. My intention was to setup a new VPC image to do some testing with WCF.

As I recalled from my experiments with WPF, there is an issue with XAML intellisense be disabled if you install the new Windows Server 2008 / .Net 3.5 SDK after Visual Studio 2008.  So, I decided to install the SDK first. There is a solution to the XAML issue by the way at:


Much to my surprise, after I installed the SDK, I could not find one of my favorite tools (SvcTraceViewer.exe) in the sdk bin directory. I went back and checked to make sure that I installed all the .Net pieces correctly but still it wasn’t there. It wasn’t until AFTER I installed Visual Studio 2008 that I realized that when you install Visual Studio, Visual Studio will install these WCF tools for you.

I also noticed that on Windows 2008 Server, that after installing Visual Studio 2008, a new directory was created under C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows named v6.0a. Under this bin directory is where I found the WCF tools. This is sort of interesting because on my Vista machine, I just have one directory v6.1 and it’s bin directory has all the tools.

So, either way, Visual Studio should install the final tools for you.

I thought maybe this piece of information might be useful for other who might be wondering why the SDK install doesn’t provide these tools.