HowTo: Create a Custom Action for an Office SharePoint Designer Workflow – Part 3


Ok, so if you’ve been following along up to this point in grand anticipation, this is going to be a happy time for you…we now get to test our custom action.

Step 1 – Create the Workflow

1. Open SPD to the site SPD1

4. Click Next.

5. Name the Step ‘Create Doc Lib’.

6. Select the Actions button and then select ‘Create Fleet Document Library’.

7. Click Name of the doclib and using the Function button, select Current Item and then ‘Customer Name‘.


8. Click Link to site and type in a site name of http://<>/FleetCustomers . (the /fleetcustomers sub-site is hard coded in the application)

Your Action should look like this:


9. Check the Workflow for Errors. Select Finish.

Step 2 – Testing the Workflow

1. Go back to the site CategoriesUncategorized